The End. (Almost)

Having been back in the UK for nearly a month now and had my share of rain, curries and adventures with the boyfriend before he left to go back to Vancouver again, I am finally writing this post, sitting in my new room in Sheffield, preparing for my trip to Italy tomorrow.

After 11 months, 2 flats, 2 jobs, 5 countries, 10 flights, £14,000 countless train and bus journeys and more photos than I could ever upload, a month ago the end of my official year abroad arrived.

Well what can I say, it’s definitely been an incredible year with some amazing experiences – who thought I’d spend Easter in the Sahara Desert? Or would spend my first thanksgiving in France surrounded by people from across the world? Or even learn to use a computer properly? Or would see Lady GaGa and Beyonce in the same year in two different countries with my best friends? Or that I would get to visit some of the best cities in Europe in such a short space of time? Or that I’d convince Simon to love olives and red wine??

I have definitely learnt some life lessons out here and experienced more emotions than I thought possible, a lot of frustrating and miserable downs but a lot of ups to compensate.

I have met the most incredible people who have taught me so much and will hopefully be lifelong friends!

And best of all, I have learnt that me and you, Europe, we’re not done yet.

…See you tomorrow, Italy!

Cocktails to celebrate our last day at!

Cocktails to celebrate our last day at!

And to finish, here are just a few of my favourite year abroad moments:

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