Feria de San Isidro Labrador

I wrote this a while back and forgot about it, so here it is!

The 15th May marks the celebration of San Isidro Labrador, the Catholic patron saint of farmers. It is well known in Spain that he is the patron saint of Madrid, however his feast day is also celebrated here, in Estepona, where we had our first fería (of two) of the year.

This was great for me as the 15th May this year fell on a Wednesday, so I had my second mid-week día festivo of the month! The boyfriend and I spent the day wandering the streets of Estepona trying to work out what the celebration was all about…


Beautiful flowerpots in the streets of the casco antiguo


As many ferías go, here in Spain, everybody gets involved. This particular one meant that the dress code was campesinos (farmers) so whole families were dressed in white shirts with neckties – so cute! Then you basically all head to the streets of the casco antiguo where you’ll find altars for San Isidro adorned with fruit and vegetables and bars in the streets selling beer, sangría and some food (paella, pinchitos, etc…). There’s music playing everywhere and a great atmosphere!





And of course, in typical Spanish style the party continues well into the night…the Estepona fairground was lit up with christmas-esque lights and fairground rides, as well as casetas – bars inside marquees at the fairground – which means the party carries on until the morning there!

Locals all dress up like campesinos (farmers) with white shirts and handkerchiefs around their necks, meaning the kids all looked super cute!

There was a great atmosphere in the streets : the people that live in the casco antiguo open up their doors to everyone and bars are set up in the tiny streets selling beer, sangría and snacks of paella and pinchitos, with music playing from every bar! We grabbed ourselves a drink but it was so busy that we didn’t try to get food.



When we walked back through the town later in the day, as well as several drunk Spaniards, we found a carpet of ferns lining the calles, indicating the route that the procession would take. Unfortunately, after an hour of waiting and some heavy rain, the procession was cancelled. We did see this guy with his decorated tractor though:



The fería also ended with a bullfight, but more on that in another post…


Standing in Estepona bullring!

Despite the rain (NB. we’ve had no rain since then!!), it was very interesting to see what it was all about! Here are just a few more photos to finish with 🙂

The famous statue on the paseo maritimo in Estepona!

The famous statue on the paseo maritimo in Estepona!

One of my favourite streets!

One of my favourite streets!


Fun polka dot flower pots!

Fun polka dot flower pots!



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