10 Things (more or less) that I Love about Spain

To keep the world in balance, following on from my ’10 Things I Hate About Spain’ post, here is my list so far of the 10 Things (more or less) I Love About Spain!

[Again, only my general opinion and not meant to offend anyone!]

1. The weather:

Sun, sun, sunnnnnn (most of the time!) and definitely a good few degrees warmer than back home!

2. The tapas:

Why do we not have them in the UK? Okay, we have La Tasca, but that really doesn’t count. Tapas are all about the experience and relaxed casual atmosphere of tapear (verb: to have tapas). I will never be able to respect the offerings of a  packet of crisps and pork scratchings in a British pub again. (Plus in Granada, they were all freeeee!)


Gambas al pil pil – my favourite tapa!

3. The random bank holidays in the middle of the week:

Why do we always have bank holidays on a monday in the UK? AND it means there’s usually a fiesta going on somewhere!

4. Cheap and efficient transport:

Although the railway does not come as far as here, you can get the bus (coach) basically EVERYWHERE and for cheap! AND they almost always turn up and leave on time! Which means plenty of opportunity to travel!

5. Cheap wine and beer:

Which means I’ve actually been able to afford to try and like red wine and going out for a few drinks only costs you a few euros!

6. The friendliness and the welcoming attitude of people:

This probably wouldn’t happen if you landed in the middle of London with just a suitcase! How many nice conversations have you had at a bus stop at home?

7.  The relaxed way of life:

No worries about time, no rushing anywhere…which leads me nicely onto…

8. Being able to have dinner at midnight!

And breakfast at 11 and lunch at 4pm… this is something that my friends in the UK definitely find the strangest about the Spanish life! No time restrictions on eating!

9. Siestaaaaaa!

Although this may be annoying if you are desperate for something between 2-5pm and the shops are closed (and you really shouldn’t be that desperate…relax!), we all have a nice excuse to chill out for a few hours.

10. The architecture:

A bit of a travel geek one, but I can’t get enough of the tiny, white windy streets lined with flowers and the beautiful Moorish (Arabic) palaces across Andalucia. We may have some impressive castles in England, but for me they really don’t compare!

Alhambra water reflection

Alhambra water reflection

white streets in Estepona

11. The language:

Although Spanish has always been my weaker language, living in Spain has definitely given me a lot more enthusiasm for it!



3 responses to “10 Things (more or less) that I Love about Spain

  1. Love how you posted this right after you posted what you don’t like, so indicative of the year abroad. Spain sounds amazing, so jealous about weather and tapas! 🙂

  2. The language! Uff…I am such a nerd. Also, you are lucky for all the sunshine. Everyone thinks I will return to the US a bronze beauty, but it rained all year (and is cloudy today) in Sevilla.

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