Puerto Banus

“Where you go to see how the other half live…”

This is how I’ve heard the small seaside town of Puerto Banus described. Puerto Banus is a small port town located just west of Marbella on the Costa del Sol and is famed for being the playground of those with expensive cars, large yachts and even larger egos.

Living only a short bus ride from the town, I’ve visited it twice now: once with Rachel and once with the boyfriend.

It’s generally what you’d expect from the Spanish version of Saint Tropez: some typical white Spanish buildings housing lots of designer shops and expensive eateries surrounding a pretty port full of boats. Not forgetting the crowds of tourists wanting to pretend to live the highlife for an afternoon and North Africans wandering around trying to sell you fake designer handbags and sunglasses. However, for me, this is where the comparison ends.

Having visited the beautiful real Saint Tropez and Antibes on the Cote d’Azur, I was quite disappointed in Puerto Banus. Having not done my research, I was expecting there to be more quaint little side streets behind the port like these two French towns, however I was greeted by a MacDonalds and a Corte Ingles.

However, I have heard that the beaches and (exclusive & expensive) beach clubs are worth a visit on a hot, sunny day, so I’ll be back to try those out at some point. There is also a boat that goes between Puerto Banus and Marbella which Rachel and I took. It’s the perfect way to see the coast and see where all of the beach clubs are!

I definitely recommend visiting only when it’s sunny!


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