Beware the monkeys in Gibraltar…

I know I’ve blogged about Gibraltar before, however when Rachel came to stay a few weeks ago (well a month ago now!) we made another obligatory trip there – Spaniards, what can I say? Us British are fascinated by Gibraltar!

Of course we made sure we had our long-lusted after fish & chips (N.B. the curry sauce is definitely not the real deal…) and brought some clothes in good old Great British Pounds, before taking the cable car up the famous rock. Having previously seen the ‘oh so cute’ little monkeys playing around (read: stealing things and jumping on people) the previous time, I was a little wary about seeing them again. Apparently not wary enough.

We stepped off the cable car at the top to be met by an ape ‘posing’ on a wall for the camera-wielding tourists, R and I being two of them. That is until this ape decided to slowly unfold itself and start moving towards us. Us and our shopping bags full of clothes, that we hadn’t even thought about when we read all of warning signs about monkeys and bags of food!

Apparently, these apes will assume that your bags are carrying food, until they have grabbed them and torn them apart to check. Realising this, and with a monkey hot on our heels (much to the amusement of the clicking cameras), Rachel and I scurried up to the next level via a spiral staircase…only to be met by another monkey sat asleep at the top. They definitely work in teams! With a monkey following us, our only option was to continue upwards, which I only did by asking an old cleaning man if he could ayudar us, which meant me clinging desperately to his hand until we could get to safety (i.e. inside the cafe to hide our shopping in our handbags…).

Although the monkeys seemed to have lost interest in us after our bags disappeared, the fear had left us literally shaking and peeking around every corner before we turned it… Something that only a pint of fruity Gaymers and an ice cream could solve (and a litre of Pimms to take home)!



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