Vive la surprise!

So I have just returned from the best weekend ever in wintery old England. Two weeks ago I was having a bit of down day so skyped my lovely old house mates back in Sheffield, who for weeks had been trying to get me to come back for Lucy’s (our other house mate) 21st, but alas, pricey flights over the Toussaints period were holding me back. Anyway, as I was feeling in need of a bit of British lovin’ I had a look for flights the 100th time and LO AND BEHOLD I found some nice cheeky flights (half using my BA airmiles – more about that later) with the right dates and times! Maybe there is a TYA god? The countdown was on for how long we could my arrival a secret!

I left Toulon extremely early on Friday morning (6am – bloody French strikes!) with Amy (my other assistant friend who coincidentally was taking the same flight as me from Nice) to start our long journey back to Blighty. 10 hours and 2 buses, 3 trains and 1 plane later I arrived in my beloved Sheffield. Despite the below freezing temperatures (this is a slight exaggeration, but I’ve acclimatised okay?!), Leo met me at the station and we rushed back to the house (via Tesco, my fave shop ever) to beat the Lucys back from uni. We beat them by 5 minutes, so I hid upstairs before creeping down to do the whole SURPRISEE!!!!! thing, all of which Leo caught on camera. Unfortunately, wordpress wants me to pay to upload the video of lots of screaming and hugging, so here is just Lucy’s face:



Following this amazing moment and the jubilation that all of us (including James) had managed to keep it a secret without Lucy suspecting a thing, we drank copious amounts of tea, ate Chinese from our amazing local takeaway (how I’ve missed it) and casually popped out to see Labrinth (google him, all you Europeans/Americans) perform at the 02 Academy! How I managed to stay awake I have no idea… On a side note, it was all so cold that it snowed (well a bit anyway)!

Saturday we headed over to Meadowhall for some British retail therapy, although I was severely handicapped by my tiny amount of hand baggage space – Yes, I did contemplate buying a cheap suitcase. We then had an amazing lunch at Carluccio’s where I re-found my love for g-bread (garlic bread for those of you who aren’t ‘g’ enough) – Toulon, you’re so close to Italy: WHY NO G-BREAD? We then spent a heavenly amount of time in Tesco (I know, I know, I’ll hate it when I’m rushing around it with my kids…) shopping for roast dinner goods before vegging on the sofa with cheese and wine (my French treat) and ‘Midnight in Paris’ (ironic, I know…).

Sunday was spent exactly as if I was living in Sheffield again, a lazy day with Starbucks and a hugeeee roast dinner and Taboo in the evening = AMAZING! Plus, mine and Lucy’s infamous choccy woccy cake (see below)! In fact, I got so used to being there that I was calling it ‘my’ house!

Even though I had to get up at 5am (again) and travel for 12 hours to get back to Toulon, I had such an amazing weekend! Thank you my Sheffield family, can’t wait to join you again in September! LOVE YOU ALL xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

PS. I just realised that I never posted about Emma’s visit to Toulon last weekend! We drank lots of wine, ate lots of food, drunkenly made macaroons and climbed a mountain (climbed is a bit of an overstatement – there was a cable-car), but it was also an amazing weekend! I know this little paragraph doesn’t do it justice, but I’m rushing as my parents and brother are about to arrive in Toulon! (But Emma, promise I’ll write loads about our future amazing weekend at Fete des Lumieres!)

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