“Paris is always a good idea”, as is Lady Gaga!

Okay, so I felt like quoting Audrey Hepburn this weekend, though it is a damn shame that she never got to see a Lady Gaga concert in Paris!

Last week was my first week of teaching [and subsequently a realisation that my French was going to have to improve drastically if I wanted any respect from the students] and my first experience of a French school trip. On Wednesday, we piled into a coach and headed to Fréjus, a really pretty town about 30min from Toulon where there is a nice church (or cathedral?) which we had a tour around, then our own mass (I had no idea what was going on at this point…). We then drove back towards Toulon to spend the afternoon doing accrobranche. This is the French equivalent of a high-ropes course way up in the trees: basically you have a harness, clip yourself onto the wires and climb along a sort of obstacle course with ladders and zip-wires. As many of you will know, I’m not a big fan of heights, but I was eventually persuaded to do the lower courses (they weren’t THAT small!) while the rest of the students (and the headteacher) scrambled 50m up into the trees! See the photos below for proof that I did it!

It felt a lot higher than it was, okay?

Anyway, onto the highlight of the week…LADY GAGA IN PARIS!

I sped up to Lyon on Friday afternoon (in first class, might I add) to stay a night with Emma, her proprietaire and her bébés (her two kittens…). We met up with Claudia, a fellow Sheffield year-abroader and spent a pleasant evening at a bar à vins in Lyon.

The next morning, I hopped on another train with Emma to PARIS! We were staying in a really nice youth hostel in Montmartre, so we met Rachel there – cue lots of English screaming and ‘oh my god, it’s been so long’ s . We had lunch and a little wonder around Montmarte (Rachel is a Paris-virgin) and the Sacre Coeur before heading back to prepare ourselves for the evening. After a rather traumatic, claustrophobic experience on the RER, we arrived with 60,000 other fans at the Stade de France. It was absolutely huge, but as the roof was open it didn’t seem too crowded. We had tickets for the pelouse so managed to get quite near the front.

Three words: BIZARRE, AMAZING and SURREAL. [Or to sum it up in another way: at least 5 French fans were carried out from the crowd, either from fainting or drunkeness, who knows?]

The sets, the costumes, her voice and her speeches were all amazing, and I don’t think I’m alone in saying that we were nearly close to tears when she sang ‘Princess Die’, just her and the piano. If I wasn’t a huge fan before, I definitely am now! Even more so for the fact that we seemed to be the only ones that could sing along to every word!

Gaga’s entrance on a horse!

Such a good voice!

The 60,000 strong crowd

Mes deux cheries!



On another note, I am no longer the only year-abroader in Toulon! I have been joined by some amazing people from across Europe, the UK and the USA! SO excited!


A la prochaine fois, bisous!

An acordian player in a square in Le Mourillon where we had dinner one night…so French!

Weird cocktail toy where fruit should be…





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