Six days to go: 5 reasons that I’m scared.

Okay, so I have six days to go until I leave for Toulon, France, and it’s safe to say that I am SCARED. However, it’s not the prospect of arriving there and getting settled that makes me want to pee my pants the most, it’s the huge amount of preparation, that after 2 and a half months at home, I have left to this final six days!  In some ways this is comforting, as I feel like I’m getting into the French last-minute way of life…

So, why am I scared?

1.) PAPERWORK – why, oh why is hopping across the 27 miles of water separating the UK and France such a bureaucratic process? I mean, I haven’t even moved there and felt the full force of this tree-destroying practice, yet the majority of points on my to-do list involve printing out various forms and photocopies of evidence to prove that I exist… I don’t actually know why I will need a photocopy of my driver’s licence if I already have ones of my passport and birth certificate (and birth certificate translations)…maybe I have just made this up in a mad moment of feeling prepared?!

2.) PACKING – How am I supposed to fit my entire life into 22kg? Granted, this is a lot of luggage weight for a budget airline and once I get to Nice, I will have to drag it onto a bus, then onto a train, before I even get to Toulon! But still, as many of you will know, I am the least decisive person EVER, which does not help in this process. I am still trying to convince myself that I won’t need my winter coat (I’m only there until December, when the weather doesn’t tend to drop below 16 C, lucky me haha!), yet I can’t help but think that I will have acclimatised dramatically and that 10C will feel like -50.  However, as everyone keeps telling me, they do have shops in France –  I am destined to return dressed from head-to-toe in European couture (H&M, Zara and Mango then…)! Also, on a side-note, does anyone know how essential heels are in Toulon??

3.) GOODBYES – As my nearest and dearest will also know, I am the biggest cry baby on this planet – I will not be making it through this week dry-eyed, especially with the Boyfriend going back to Vancouver on Wednesday!

4.) SPEAKING FRENCH – The most French thing I have done over the entire summer is switch my Facebook into French…need I say anymore?

5.) My final fear: TEACHING PREPARATION – I have finally found out what I’ll be doing in the school and am absolutely kicking myself that I haven’t thought to plan presentations for when I meet my classes (despite being told a million times…). I have six days to become an absolute pro on British and US culture, nursery rhymes/songs and using a video camera – apparently one of my main projects will be helping the students create a video presentation about their school!

However, despite all these fears, I am getting EXCITED! Loads of my friends have already jetted off to their various sun-drenched destinations, and seeing their blogs and photos on Facebook is making me want to go already! So here is my top 5 of things to be excited about:

1.) SUNSHINE – need I say anymore?

2.) Seeing my flat and meeting my lovely French housemates!

3.) Meeting all the assistants in Toulon, as well as the teachers and students at my school (One teacher is kindly putting me up for my first night too!)

4.) THE FOOD – beware, this may become a featured theme of my blog…

5.) TRAVELLING – I am a French Riviera virgin, so plan on making the most of my 50 euro rail card by travelling to everywhere and anywhere at the weekends (including a trip to Paris, already planned for September, eeee!)

Anyway, enough of my ramblings, I’m just getting into the blogging spirit, so expect to hear a lot more from me (along with a gazillion photos)!

Salut salut! (‘see ya later’ for those non-francophones)

PS. has been an absolute god-send in this whole preparation process, and have also added me to their ‘Top of the Blogs’ list, so merci!


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